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DAGDA Irish Gaelic name meaning the good god. AIGIDIUS Latin form of Greek Aigidios meaning kid young goat shield goatskin. AIGIDIOS Greek name derived from aigidion meaning kid young goat or shield of goatskin [...]

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CEILEACHAIN Irish Gaelic name derived from the word diminutive of companion hence little . Cattle Raid of Cooley edit Main article B ailnge Medb insisted that she be equal wealth with her husband started the when discovered Ailill was one powerful stud bull richer than . Compare with another form of Colm. Edit Mode The Cattle Raid of Cooley Gaelic literature Tips for Editing Leave Submit We welcome suggested improvements to any our articles [...]

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ALSANDAIR Irish Gaelic form of Latin Alexandrus meaning defender mankind. AODH pronounced ee Modern Irish and Scottish Gaelic form of Old meaning fire. CONWAY Irish surname transferred to forename use Anglicized form of Gaelic Conbhuide descendant Bhuidhe hence yellow hound. ABRACHAM Irish form of Hebrew Abraham meaning father multitude [...]

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The Driving of Cattle Flidais From Leahy Heroic Romances Volume II pp. BRIARTACH Said to be corrupted form of Irish Gaelic Muircheartach meaning skilled seaman. She is the enemy and former wife of Conchobar mac Nessa king Ulster best known starting ailnge Cattle Raid Cooley to steal prize stud bull. CEALLACH Irish Gaelic name possibly composed of the elements cen head and light hence brightheaded [...]

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COLM N Irish form of Latin Columbanus meaning dove. AODH pronounced ee Modern Irish and Scottish Gaelic form of Old meaning fire. AILELL Variant spelling of Irish Gaelic Ailill meaning elf [...]

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AFONASEI Variant spelling of Russian Afanasiy meaning immortal. AODHFIONN Variant of Irish Aodhfin meaning white fire. AHTI Another name for Finnish Lemmink inen myth of god magic sorcerer said to be able sing sand into pearls [...]

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While married to Eochaid la she took Ailill mac ta chief of her bodyguard as lover. You can make it easier for us to review and hopefully publish your contribution by keeping few points mind. CU N Irish name composed of Gaelic hound wolf chief and diminutive suffix hence little [...]

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BRUADAIR Irish Gaelic name meaning dream. It is partially preserved in The Book of Dun Cow . Medb and Ailill also had daughter Findabair [...]

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AILELL Variant spelling of Irish Gaelic Ailill meaning elf. Flidais central figure in B Flidhais The Drivingoff Cattle an Ulster Cycle work where she lover Fergus mac ich and owner magical herd . The formulaic and poetic language of Irish cycles admirably preserved in Lady Gregory retelling stories Cuchulain Muirthemne Gods Fighting Chulainn Cattle Raid Cooley Cuailnge records his singlehanded defense Ulster against forces Medb Maeve queen Connaught. Goddesses in Celtic Religion [...]

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AENGUS Irish Anglicized form of Gaelic Aonghas meaning excellent valor. AERON Welsh unisex form of Celtic Agrona the name goddess war and death who was portrayed masculine figure mythology meaning carnage slaughter. AGRON Albanian name of the second king Illyria husband Teuta possibly meaning dawn. THELFRID Variant spelling of AngloSaxon meaning noble peace [...]